About us

At nuaa-the Maithili word for saree- we romance patterns, textures and colours to print and embroider by hand. All our products are woven by hand on the loom and are printed by hand, embroidered and tailored at our studio & store in Yapral, Secunderabad.

We are a mother-daughter duo and we began our printing journey with nuaa in 2013. With nuaa, we combined our love for block printing by hand - a centuries-old craft and the saree - the oldest known surviving piece of clothing in the world. We believe nuaa is as much a story of the saree, a quintessentially Indian drape as it is of our contemporary womenswear - dupattas, stoles, salwar kurta and fabric materials. Over the years we have grown from printing on sarees to include products for home and kids wear.

Our textile canvas at nuaa blends various traditional hues and motifs with contemporary tastes. We not only draw inspiration from Indian arts like the Mithila, Warli, Kalamkari, Mughal and Gond but also geometric, abstract, floral and every-day patterns inspire us to create our motifs, designs and patterns.

While we love blending different aesthetics on our textile canvas, we are very mindful of ethically sourcing our textiles directly from weavers and cooperatives that work with loom weavers. Our clothes are created especially for the modern Indian women who break stereotypes and therefore, we take utmost care to create practical and comfortable Indian clothing. And just like our tribe of kindred women, every nuaa product is unique and we ensure no two pieces are alike and for that we refrain from creating multiple renditions of the same design. It is not our endeavour to mass produce. We believe in slow but sure fashion.

In today's world when almost everything is written in the binary script of computers, at nuaa we write stories by hand on fabric. Every time you shop at nuaa, you are preserving India’s heritage of centuries-old art and craft and nurturing the artisan community.

Between the hands of the farmer, the weaver, the block-maker, the dyer and our in-house master-printer and tailor, each nuaa product holds within itself a thousand tales of love and labour. So, thank you for being part of our printing journey.